OregonIf you have heard treatment can help you put your addiction in the past, you have probably had either of two ideas about what it meant. You may believe all you need to do is give up drinking and sobriety will be automatic, or you may believe addiction is something you must carry for the rest of your life. An alcohol rehabilitation center in Oregon will show you neither of those beliefs are accurate. Treatment is the way to put addiction in the past, and see a real future.

Logically, one part of putting alcohol addiction in the past is to stop drinking and not drink again. While this is only one small part of recovery, it is very important. A good treatment program will help you manage cravings, and keep you motivated to stay alcohol-free.

Putting alcohol addiction in the past requires more work on your part. It involves dealing with the problems drinking has caused in your life.

One issue involves facing and resolving problems with the other people in your life. In one way or another, your family members, friends, coworkers, and others have probably been affected by your drinking habits. You may also have harmed someone, or broken the law.

Counseling in a treatment facility can help with these issues. First, you will learn to take responsibility for your actions and your decisions. This means not making excuses or blaming others. Second, counseling will help you learn effective, healthy communication skills.

Not only will you benefit from this, so will everyone else in your life. The person you were, and the behavior you showed during active addiction can slowly find its way to the past. Instead, people will slowly begin to realize you are becoming trustworthy and honest. Relationships that were damaged by your drinking may be recovered.

Another way a treatment program can help put addiction in the past is your chance at a healthier future. Whether you have developed extreme or minor health problems from drinking, appropriate medical treatment can prevent them from becoming worse.

This is also true for any mental health problems you may have developed. If you are fortunate enough to have not developed any health issues at all, you can reduce the risk of future problems by giving up alcohol immediately.

When you are in rehab, there is yet another way of focusing on the future instead of the past. The people you meet in a treatment facility are people who do not want to drink. Not only will they be supportive of your desire to stay sober, you can meet many people whom you truly like. After you complete your treatment program, this can be an incentive to not return to your old way of life.

When it comes down to it, both common viewpoints are inaccurate. Giving up drinking is only the first small part of recovery. However, alcohol addiction is not something you must live with for the rest of your life. Recovery is possible, and many people have already accomplished it.

Not only does active drinking need to be placed in the past, a sober life means putting all of the other aspects of addiction in the past, also. You cannot walk away from the problems and expect them to disappear. And while you may initially feel overwhelmed, it is not necessary to move clear across the country or disappear into the mountains of West Virginia. The help you need is at your fingertips – whether you’re a teenager, executive, Veteran, parent – whoever you are. You have the ability to enjoy true recovery, and an alcohol center in Oregon will show you the way.