Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are widespread problems that are common in every major country today. Though both are interchangeably associated and used, both elements are completely different as well. If you are seeking assistance regarding a problem related to these two alcohol based problems, it is important to understand the difference between them.

glass of beerAlcoholism, also known as “alcohol dependence syndrome” can be identified with the following characteristics. There is a very strong urge to drink, a craving or compulsive attitude to take in alcohol in various forms be it wine, beer, brandy, rum or any other spirit.

The person has difficulty in stopping drinking whenever he starts taking in alcohol. Among those with alcoholism problems, withdrawal symptoms become evident when drinking has been stopped for a period of time.

The symptoms involve sweating, shaking, extreme nausea and anxiety. Lastly, a person has a constant need to get that euphoric “high” that alcohol provides.

Alcohol abuse on the other hand, does not include that strong craving or urge to drink and loss of control over one’s consumption as characterized in addiction. It is more into the abuse of alcohol mainly to achieve that “high” alcohol can provide, constantly increasing it in terms of quantity. Moreover, it is characterized as a patterned drinking related activity that carries on, and can potentially lead to dependence.

Both alcoholism and alcohol abuse can result in various problems regarding family, friends and work. An individual who suffers from both will most likely fail in school, lose his or her job and be incapable of meeting his or her priorities and responsibilities. Excessive alcohol consumption is also accountable for many accidents, particularly car accidents.  It also accounts for a good number of people landing in jail for thefts, robberies, physical assault, homicide and even murder.

(At the bottom of this page we’ve included a short but moving video project by someone who is working to convince people not to drink and drive.)

Not only does it take a toll in our social lives, alcohol also has serious detrimental effects on our body. For one, it increases the likelihood of certain cancers, particularly around the oesophageal area, the liver and even the kidneys. It can cause severe immune depression as well making a person susceptible to a wide range of infections and disease.

KentuckyExcessive consumption can also damage a growing fetus that can lead to abnormalities as well as miscarriages. Lastly, excessive amounts of alcohol in one’s system can lead to gradual brain damage which ultimately leads to death.

As long as an individual continues to take in excessive amounts of alcohol to satisfy his or her craving and achieve that euphoric state, he continually increases his or her chances on getting the following diseases and conditions.

Alcohol related diseases and problems are widespread and very common in any major metropolitan city across countries. It is an ever growing problem that families and society as a whole has to deal with.

Luckily there is a ray of hope as alcoholism and alcohol abuse is treatable. Kentucky has facilities that would cater to problems like these. They have facilities to treat individuals who suffer from both types of alcoholic based problems.

If you need assistance regarding your drinking or maybe you would want to help a loved one or a friend, it is best to consult the nearest rehabilitation center near you. They can provide you with assistance and can also educate you on what to do in addressing the situation. Addiction can destroy your life and affect those people around you. Do not let that happen and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Don’t Drink & Drive from Lester Manding on Vimeo.