GeorgiaAlcoholism is a disease that has the following characteristics: having a strong need to drink, being unable to stop drinking, having a physical dependence on alcohol and the increasing need to drink in order to feel good.

With alcoholism, there is an uncontrollable need to drink and often when a person gets into a cycle of drinking, he or she is unable to stop because the addiction to is so strong. However, there are various kinds of treatment methods that a person can sign up for that can help them in their attempt to stop drinking. Many alcoholics need help from an alcoholic treatment center.

Because of their environment and the fact that the pressure of others to drink is often high in an alcoholic’s life, there is a reason why a rehabilitation facility can help bring a person back to a healthier and happier way of living. Before any kind of treatment can be given to an alcoholic, he or she must first realize that they have a serious drinking problem and that they need help.

An alcoholic also must understand that when treatment for alcoholism begins, they will experience some withdrawal symptoms. Such symptoms might include confusion, convulsions, hallucinations and fear of the unknown.

Detox is often the first method used in getting a person off of alcohol and should only be given in a medical facility; so that the person can be observed carefully because the detox process can be a frightening experience to the person going through it and medical help and support will be needed to ensure that the alcoholic comes through it safely and soundly.

During the rehab program, support is given from medical professionals such as doctors, psychologists, nurses and support groups that consist of other alcoholics and sometimes family members. Research has been conducted that shows that if alcoholics get additional support from support groups during and after the treatment program, they are more likely to succeed and return to normal, everyday living.

Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions in overcoming alcohol abuse. Rehab centers also have wonderful programs to help a person overcome their addiction to alcohol. During any type of treatment or rehab program, guidance, support and counseling are given to ensure that the recovery process will go well for them.

Many treatment programs also offer an “aftercare” kind of program. An aftercare program often follows a discharge of a patient. This kind of program is self-directed which involves some counseling and other kinds of help such as periods of outpatient aftercare, recovery groups, half-way houses or a 12-step program. Case managers are also involved with aftercare and are able to guide and encourage a client to stay sober and on track.