Alcoholism Treatment Facility in California

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in California, USA and thus there are many rehabilitation centers to help anyone struggling with it. This is because, of all substances abused, it is the most common and has very little regulation (only age restriction- which is still violated greatly). It needs no prescription and it is sold in shops, bars, restaurants, malls etc, unlike other substances which are only found in pharmacies, medical centers or on the street.

Alcohol Treatment CenterAlcohol abuse

Alcohol belongs to the class of drugs known as depressant psychoactive drugs. These drugs slow the central nervous system and the brain; reducing concentration and inducing numbness. Abuse of alcohol is the excessive intake of alcohol which prevents the person from attending to other duties normally (physically and mentally). Alcohol addiction is called alcoholism.


Abuse gradually increases tolerance when the body and mind start experiencing reduced effects and more has to be consumed to try to achieve that were induced by previous amounts.

Effects of alcoholism

Besides impairing physical and mental ability in the individual, addiction has the following negative impacts:

  • Alcoholics spent so much money (which they may not have in the first place) on alcohol instead of fulfilling some of their obligations and this leads to a financial depletion and usually some sort of crisis
  • Alcoholics get so engaged with alcohol that they have no time to take care of others and hence neglect their loved ones, causing much suffering
  • It can cause liver cirrhosis due to the liver having to metabolize the toxic alcohol all the time
  • Withdrawal symptoms that are experienced in the absence of alcohol are as debilitating as the effects

Alcohol center in California

California authorities in response to the problems they face with drinking have set in place treatment centers in most parts of the state. The treatment centers are public (government owned and funded offering treatment services for alcoholics) or privately owned- profit making businesses earning their income from the treatment fees they charge.

Alcohol facility features

All alcoholism treatment centers need to have qualified detox personnel and substance abuse counselors to help the alcoholics get over alcoholism. In addition to the doctors and counselors, any single treatment facility should also have the following or exercise the following to see that the patients are adequately treated:

  • The environment (staff, buildings, location of the center) should be non-judgmental and welcoming to the patients
  • The addicts should be treated as individuals and to effect this, there should be counseling before detox and after; to identify each alcoholic’s unique needs
  • There should be individually tailored programs for each alcoholic; which should serve as milestones under which progress of treatment is measured
  • A can- do- it attitude for both the alcoholics and the staff goes a long way in affecting change in the recovering individuals
  • Therapy (individual and group) should be emphasized with the residents being allowed to spend as much time in the center as needed

Treatment process

This is done first through withdrawal of alcohol along with treatment of withdrawal symptoms with an alternative medication when needed (a process called detoxification) followed by counseling aimed at helping the addicts address their underlying issues that led to and perpetuated their drinking.

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